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Article: Why is Silk so Expensive? History, Origins, and Production Process of Silk

Why is Silk so Expensive? The History, Origins, and Production  Process of Silk

Why is Silk so Expensive? History, Origins, and Production Process of Silk

Have you ever wondered, why is silk so expensive? What's so special about silk? We share some interesting facts about silk's origins, history, and production process, which make it the highest value fibre which is then woven into different types of silk fabrics. 


Silk's History and Origins, How was it Discovered?

Silk was first discovered more than 5,000 years ago in ancient China. It was discovered by accident, when an empress was having a cup of tea under a mulberry tree. A cocoon from a mulberry tree fell into her cup of hot tea and started to unravel itself, creating a beautiful silk filament. Since then, silk has been used in luxury fabrics to make elegant clothing for the elite classes of society.

Silk's History and Origins, How was it Discovered?

What is Silk? 

Silk is a natural fiber known for its luster, shine, strength, and durability, and it has a long trading history across the world. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available Worldwide. It is produced by silkworms that are raised in controlled conditions and can only be fed mulberry leaves.


The Reason Why Silk is so Expensive.

It takes almost 3,000 cocoons to produce 1 yard (~90 cm) of woven cloth. And, to produce those cocoons takes a whole lot of mulberry leaves. The worms grow 70 x their original size, eating 200 pounds (90 kg) of mulberry leaves to produce 1 pound (450 grams) of silk.

The Reason Why Real Silk is so ExpensivePlus, all cocoons have to be unravelled by hand. The length of silk strand from one cocoon ranges anywhere between 300 to 900 meters long, in rare cases, even up to 1600 meters in length! It's a lengthy process to unravel the cocoons by hand.


What’s so Special about Silk?

Now, what’s so special about silk? It's an amazing beauty product recommended by dermatologists, hair stylists, and top models. Silk not only looks and feels amazing, it has many health and beauty benefits.


It's natural and hypoallergenic. It stops mould and dust mites from growing in your pillow. Because of silk’s smooth and slippery texture, it helps to prevent wrinkles and sleep crease, as well as hair damage that would normally occur because of hair and skin to pillow friction. It is a great tool against bed head and hair frizz.


Where Can You Buy Quality Silk Products?

We provide the highest quality 100% Mulberry 22 Momme 6A grade silk products, including silk pillowcases, pyjamas, sleep masks, hair scrunchies and more. Explore our Silk Collection. Next Read our blog post comparing Silk vs Cotton Pillowcase.

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