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Article: The Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase vs Regular Cotton

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase vs Regular Cotton

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase vs Regular Cotton

Once a well-kept secret of beauty insiders, sleeping on a silk pillowcase is now becoming more and more popular. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of choosing silk instead of cotton.

1. Silk is Hypoallergenic, great for Sensitive skin.

Silk pillowcases are great for hair and sensitive skin. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and protects skin from irritation. It is useful for people who have acne.

2. Silk is Antibacterial, Antifungal, resistant to Dust Mites and Mould.

Mulberry silk fibres are coated with sericin, a protein that makes them antibacterial, antifungal and resistant to dust mites and mould. Bacteria and mould overgrowth is common in regular pillows.

It was found that many of Alzheimer’s disease patients had toxic bacteria and mould build-up in their brains. Amyloid plaques form as a defensive antimicrobial response. It is highly likely that these microbes got to the brain from their nose and throat while using regular pillowcases.  

3. Silk contains Amino Acids that work to Condition Hair and Skin.

Silk is rich in animal protein fibre and 18 different amino acids essential for the human body, which makes it have the skin-friendly properties of nourishing the skin and increasing cell vitality.

Silk prevents bed head, and hair breakage, especially on long, curly or frizzy hair. Thanks to silk's super smooth texture, hair glides over it without any friction which means you'll be less likely to wake up with frizzy hair, tangles, or bedhead, whereas cotton pillowcase would promote tangles overnight.

The Benefits of Sleeping on a Silk Pillowcase, & Why is Silk Better for you Than Cotton Silk pillowcase for hair benefits

Silk helps skin and hair retain essential moisture, unlike a cotton pillowcase which can dry hair and skin. Silk fabric absorbs less moisture than cotton, so your skin stays more hydrated on silk than it does on cotton. For those who suffer from especially dry skin or who live in seasonally dry climates, that bit of extra overnight hydration can mean waking up with a less tight, dry face. Also, your skin care products used before night will absorb into your skin instead of your pillowcase.

4. Silk Pillowcase Helps you to Prevent Wrinkles.

Silk reduces friction on the skin, which minimizes sleep wrinkles. You won’t wake up with lines on your face. In a long term, this will help to prevent wrinkles and keep your skin more beautiful.  

4. Silk Pillowcase Helps you to Prevent Wrinkles. 100% mulberry silk pillowcase

5. Silk Products are Good for you and the Planet.

Silk products can be certified to be free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and irritants. Look for OEKO TEX label. Silk is a good Eco-friendly fabric option for those caring about the planet and their health. 

6. Where can you buy a High Quality Mulberry Silk Pillowcase?

If you are interested in purchasing a high quality silk pillowcase, check out our 100% Mulberry Silk 22 Momme 6A grade Pillowcases. At Real Silk Pillowcase we are committed to providing the highest quality silk products at affordable prices. 

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